Whoever said communication is the key to solving all problems is right and wrong at the same time. I am doing my absolute very best to communicate anything and everything I can think of with my stepson’s mother; however, she is being a royal bitch! It doesn’t matter what is sent to her, she always finds something to bitch about.

Example: She was sent his schedule for doctor and dentist appointments. Her response: Well he had a dentist appointment scheduled for later this month, but you wanted him… Uh yeah. We did. And I don’t care that you had one scheduled, I’m just telling you what is going to happen. I mean I know that is a foreign concept since she always told us WELL AFTER the fact (if at all), but damn! Then I sent her his school schedule, and her only response: Is he in regular classes and what is this apple bus thing? Ok first of all, no he is not in regular classes because that would be a clear violation of his IEP and 504 plan…duh!! And second if you had actually read the damn thing, you would have been able to figure out that “apple bus” thing is actually “CPTR APPLE BUS I”…pretty easy to figure out it is a computer class…but maybe that’s just me.

She never responds to any emails…only texts my husband. I understand only wanting to communicate with him. Fine. But don’t be a bitch just because you can. I get that she is upset because a judge told her she isn’t the better parent for her son, but damn! So our plan is basically to inundate her with information, keep her completely “educated and informed” about every single possible thing going on, and hope to God that she backs off.

In the meantime on the marriage front: We have our next counseling session on Thursday. I’m looking forward to hearing what comes up at this one since the first one went so well.

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