The Weekend…oh how it sucked (but then got better)

Well it started Friday night. J’s mom began texting my husband about our address change. Ok we were renting at a house in a cul-de-sac since April. We found out via a letter from the bank’s lawyers that the house was in a bankruptcy, the debt had been discharged, and we had 30 days-ish to get out. The owner basically lied to me and still wants me to believe he owns the house…whatever. ANYWAY, we were able to ask the owners of the house 3 HOUSES down the streeet, still in our cul-de-sac, if we could rent their house since it had been sitting empty for 3 years. They had never rented before, but they agreed. We signed the new lease and moved in November 1st. Luckily, it was so close…and unluckily because nothing got packed just picked up and carried across the street lol!!

Well she found out our house number changed, and started flipping out about us moving. Then said we didn’t get her notice. Uh…bitch, we were kind of busy, and we told you November 3rd!!! It’s not like it was a month after or something. Not to mention, the move didn’t affect anything: not schools, bus routes, nothing! Well that got my husband in a pissy mood and wow how that carried forward.

We got into a full blown argument. He told me to Fuck Off, and I left. I drove for a couple of hours north and then turned around and come back. The next morning, we were taking the kids to a theme park…which we did. I was pretty cold most of the day. He decided to act like nothing happened/apologize without saying the words about halfway through the day. I let it go blaming it on him being tired, etc., and we moved forward…until bedtime Saturday night. He got all pissy again after the kids decided to be royal jerks (ok mostly just M1 and J) at the park. I told him he was just flat out mean, he was taking for granted that I would never cheat on him or seek attention elsewhere (unlike how he acted), and he pretty much stopped talking to me.

Sunday we go to church. Husband makes a comment that he is surprised I wanted to go since it was a combined service and the bitch that he was “talking” to also attends this church (hypocrite much?!!!). Well as I predicted, she was too ashamed to attend, and that was that. I went forward to pray at the end of the service and actually got prayed for twice. It was nice. I need God to work his grace and mercy right now, and I will take all the prayers I can get. While I was doing that, my husband picked up our baby from the nursery and went to the van…without me.

Our kids were waiting for me in the church, we found him, and then we came home…in silence. Husband and J started working in the garage…refusing help from M1 and me…and told me he wanted to be alone. FINE! I came in, the other kids had lunch, and I did some laundry. Then I tried again. This time he let me out there for a bit before sending me with J to the store to get a few things, which I did. When we got back, he was in better spirits. Eventually all of us were working in the garage, and we got a lot accomplished.

That night, the kids sat down with us and made up house rules and chores. When they went to bed, we watched TV for a bit. Then we took a shower together before heading to bed. It was soooo much better. It was relaxing. We were relaxed. We were cuddling and snuggling instead of snipping and bitching. Definitely a good way to end the weekend.

And now the week begins…Highlights:

J’s first day at his new school, No school Friday for Veteran’s Day, Our 2nd counseling session at church is Thursday.

Here’s to a new week!

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