So why the struggles part???

The biggest reason I have struggles in my Blog name is that my entire life seems to be sprinkled with struggles.

At work: I have a clique of extremely catty women who think they run the place, and they are VERY quick to be backstabbing bitches whenever it benefits them. They talk shit about people all the time, and they pretend to be these sweet and kind women…it makes me sick!

Kids: Kiddo #4 is being a royal pain in the ass at school. He “loses” his homework at least once a week. He can’t get along with classmates to save his life, and most recently he has started cussing at school (ok so I may be partially responsible for that one).

Kids: Kiddo #2 is now coming to live with us starting tomorrow. This brings all kinds of issues that I knew about, but I don’t think anyone can fully prepare for. And it seems like there are a million roadblocks to getting him on the right track.

Ex’s: My husband’s ex #1 is a royal bitch. She is also a horrible parent and now has heard a judge tell her she sucks as a mom too (I’m paraphrasing obviously). So now she has decided to just be a thorn in our side…just because she can. She wants all this information that I have no problem giving her…IF I HAD IT!! I can’t even get this child enrolled in school because she won’t send us his shot records! Ugh!!!! And my ex is just a flaming retard…too much to mention here.

School: Speaking of which, why do people feel the need to be so incredibly rude to parents?! My husband tried to get his son registered, and the school wouldn’t let him fill out shit for paperwork until he has a Florida physical (which stupid bitch previously mentioned said he didn’t need…WRONG!). Now don’t get me wrong, I understand there are reasons for all paperwork, etc; however, they could at least be nice and cooperative about it.

House: The house I had rented for the past 6 months has been in a bankruptcy this whole time (I knew that); however, I didn’t know it was in foreclosure and the “owner” has had his debt discharged already. Nice way to find out: a letter from the bank’s attorney. So thank God we were able to talk to our neighbors 3 houses over and have a 2 year lease with them now with the option to buy at the end of the contract (hell yeah I’m buying it…it’s perfect!). 

Marriage: My husband has a long history with porn and being unfaithful. I was under the mistaken impression that me and our love/relationship was different. He has had a “thing” with a certain woman for many years, and when I asked him to stop communicating with her (after a series of sext messages), he promised me he did. He lied. He still tried to “get together” with her for the last year. She got busted by her fiance, and she came clean to me…VERY VERY clean…more than I ever wanted to know. Now we are in counseling with my pastor at my church (where the skanky no good whore also attends!!!…at the earlier service apparently).  Oh and did I mention this woman works indirectly at the same place my husband does?????!!!! Nice huh. Yeah I pretty much don’t sleep when he works. (he works overnights as a police officer)

Parents: My parents have “conveniently” chosen to be buddy buddy with my ex. This makes for extremely strained relationships between myself and them as well as my husband and them. And they don’t even know about 90% of our issues AT ALL!

Siblings: Well let’s see, 2 of my sisters have slept with my husband (before I even met him), 1 lives in a house my husband owns…but it is in foreclosure thanks to the previously mentioned bitch as well as the fact that said sister and loser fat ass lazy fucking piece of shit husband haven’t paid rent in over a year, and I pretty much am so busy that I just don’t see/have time for any of there crap.

Church: I totally adore my church. I love being on the praise team. I wish I had time for the choir, but I just don’t. The problem: previously mentioned cheating skanky whore also attends. I find myself looking for her when I’m up on the platform singing. We have a combined service this Sunday so I will be on edge I’m sure. I just wish the pastor would take on some “religious correction” to her stupid ass (yes I realize the dichotomy with ass and church in the same topic/sentence).

Money: Well can you ever really have enough?! I am in charge of our finances. I do a great job in making sure all of our bills are paid and we can still like eat out and stuff. I don’t do so awesome at saving money…but my husband is much better at it thank God. Right now I’m trying to scrape together enough to pay the bills, pay for the attorney to file child support paperwork against said bitch, pay off owed child support to said bitch from her state screwing it up, and pay for husband’s bankruptcy thanks to said bitch and ex wife #2.

And I think that’s it. =-(


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