We won!

Ok so this may seem really out of nowhere considering I haven’t really told my whole story yet, but oh well. We found out on Friday that we won custody of my stepson. He is going to be ours full time.

I don’t think the reality of the situation has really sunk in yet…nor all of the ramifications. I got some of it today when I started talking about a trip to a dinner theater coming up in a couple of weeks. It is a sort of tradition that my husband and I go and do this as a sort of date just the two of us. We have gone the past 2 years. Now, it sounds like it is going to be us and all of the kids. We will have J and probably not for very long, so we really can’t leave him at home or with grandparents. Now I am going to be getting tickets for all of the kids and arranging to borrow them from my ex that night.

We also have to start looking at plane tickets for the Christmas break, and summer as well. Probably spring break too if she wants him. His mom is going to have to pay for half of his ticket, so we’ll see how often she wants him. She is losing child support…hopefully REALLY soon (that will be SOOOOO much better for us), and she therefore lost her primary motivation, or so it seems, to even have him. She isn’t trying to spend extra time with him, and her response according to J was “oh well”. Wow! I think that says a lot about her character. And apparently the judge got it right. Yay!

Now I just hope that we can adjust and provide him with the educational assistance that he needs, the emotional support I’m sure he’s going to need, and the future that all kids deserve. I am praying for strength and patience and guidance for all of the things that this judgement brings with it.

We haven’t found out when we exactly get him yet, but we’re hopeful it will be very soon. 🙂

I will continue on with my introduction/life story so far tomorrow.

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