My Kids

I have 5 kids. They are my life.

M1 is my oldest at 14. He is a freshman in high school, plays football, is a member of the Law and Government academy, and is a Christian. He is a great example for his siblings.

J is my stepson and is 12. He lives with his psychotic mother about 8 states away from us. According to her he has asthma, allergies to everything, sinus issues that needed surgery, oppositional defiance disorder and is learning disabled. According to our doctor he does not have asthma, does not have allergies, does not have ODD, and did not need surgery. He is not learning disabled, he fell behind because his mother moved him 8 times since Kindergarten. We are waiting for a ruling from the court as to whether or not we get custody of him. My hubby was deployed 5 times and that is the only reason his mother has him. Now he is out of the Army. Fingers crossed.

M2 is my only girl and is 11. She is athletc, smart, and sassy. She is in all advanced classes in 6th grade and is in the running club at her school. She loves babysitting and art.

M3 is my comedian and troublemaker and is 7. He is hysterical and has a huge vocabulary but can’t spell for crap. He is also extremely lazy and too smart for his own darn good. He has a great teacher, and I hoping he “grows up” quickly and 2nd grade becomes less about his behavioral outbursts and more about his academic accomplishments.

Finally T is 4 months old. He is rolling over by himself now and loves to laugh. He is extremely easy going, and everyone just adores him. His favorite game is peek a boo and he is starting to eat solid foods now. Woohoo!!

And those are my kids: my joy, my challenge, my life.

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