Here I am

This is my second attempt at a blog. My first attempt crashed and burned due to many reasons, not the least of which is just life itself. This time, I’m hoping to be able to use this blog for me. I love to write, and writing helps me sort out my thoughts and my feelings. Sometimes my posts are just long vents. Sometimes they are random ramblings. No matter what, this blog is uncensored. My life is full of drama and stress and struggle. It’s also full of blessings, hope and praise.

I am a wife, mother, sister, aunt, teacher, singer and christian. I am married to a police officer who is former military. I have 5 children-4 boys and 1 girl (1 of which is my stepson). This is my second marriage. My first marriage lasted 12 years and ended when my bi-polar, ADD, unmedicated ex went too far, and I just couldn’t be miserable anymore. I have been married to my current husband since 2010.

Drama is all over in my life: how I met my husband, our marriage, my kids, my relationship with my ex and my husband’s exes (there are 2), my job (I am a high school English teacher), and even my church. I could use so many things in my life and be a wonderful guest on the Jerry Springer show sometimes.

I choose to find joy in my life most of the time. It can be a struggle. I let too many people affect me and my mood, and I’m working to overcome that. I am 35 years old, and I am too old to put up with letting the little things bother me all the time.

And so begins my blogging journey…come with me and enjoy the ride…it’s promised to be a doozy!

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